All-Ukrainian Association of Home Staff Agencies


All-Ukrainian Association of Home Staff Agencies is a non-commercial, not for profit apolitical organisation, established and officially registered in October 2017.

The goal of the Association is to unite efforts of individual Agencies of Home Staff of Ukraine so as to increase the quality of services provided by Agencies and increase the competition on the market. The Association is open for membership to other Agencies with high reputation and proven experinceon the market, to Agencies ready for mutual cooperation and willing to jointly develop the quality of services in the area of home staff.

Advantages for Association's members:

Trust to Agencies that are Association’s members

Mutual assistance in closing burning vacancies

Participation in elaboration of the market’s enabling environment

Exchange of information, mutual counselling

Mutual leverage over indecent/dishonest clients

Decreasing the factors of unfair competition


The main principle of the Association is responsibility for the results of Agencies' work.

This entails tolerance and individual approach to different criteria of calls for personnel, confidentialiy vis-a- vis any information received in the course of the work: that is how high level of competency and professionalism of services that are provided by each manager in the process of home staff selection is created and maintained. Current areas of cooperation are defined as counteracting unfair competition and, in the near future, mutual expansion of agencies on markets of other countries.